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hey kids, sorry i haven't been around. i've really not been reading… - The Mad Tea Party

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April 13th, 2005

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11:29 am
hey kids,
sorry i haven't been around. i've really not been reading that much lately, concentration problems. i have re-read Perks of Being a Wallflower and if you haven't read it, PLEASE DO!! it is so good, no matter what your age. i also had a strange experience, i was walking through the stacks at school, looking for some random book to reference in a paper i was writing...and in the middle of one of the aisles was a book laid down, like someone put it out for me. i stopped, being the naturally anal person i am, and picked it up to return it to it's proper place. i read the title, and ended up checking it out. now, being the big 'ol lesbian that i am, how could i not check it out? it was a mark twain compilation, How Nancy Jackson Married Kate Wilson and Other Tales of Rebellious Girls & Daring Young Women. see why i was so intrigued? yes, let me just say, there are some EXCELLENT stories. remember, these were written in the early 1900's. let's just say, these are terrific stories that would, in this day, cause some ruffling of some straight, conservative feathers. if anyone takes me up on this challenge, please let me know what you think. i'm not sure which is my favorite, but Wapping Alice is up there, as is the title story.
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Date:April 13th, 2005 11:19 am (UTC)
I do that all the time at the library in the summer. I pick up random books that seem to be waiting for me. That is how I discovered Jerzy Kosinski! Believe it or not! So if you have ever seen I think City of Angels, the one with Meg Ryan and Nick Cage, you have to almost believe there are like book fairies or angels in libraries!
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Date:April 13th, 2005 11:22 am (UTC)
i'm glad you don't think i'm crazy and know what i'm talking about. ::clapping:: woot!!

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